Harmonious closing of the call for the 9th. SURrealidades: 253 films, 18 countries, 5 continentes

Raise the defenses of your Immune System

Healthy ConZumo, Consume Blue Cinema

The OE’s Foundation it is immensely grateful to all the filmmakers, producers, directors and  the  Earth’s Children, that registered their films at the 9th “SURrealidades” International Blue Film Festival. 

The International Blue Film Festival “SURrealidades” it is a biannual cinematic and environmental culture event; with Parcelas (sections) of encounter, knowledge and dialogues to expand awareness, and motivate the reflection and joint practice of alternatives and proposals on environmental and social issues. 

Sixteen (16) years with eight editions (2004, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014, 2016 and 2018) consolidate SURrealidades as the biennial film festival in Colombia, promoter of circulation, exhibition and production of environmentally themed Audiovisual Fruits. 

Cine Azul is an alternative to Audiovisual Monoculture. This harvest of Audiovisual Fruits will nourish our Immune System, deepening on the ConZumo Sano (CZS) campaign. 

We have received for the 2020 edition a total of 253 Audiovisual Fruits from 18 countries on 5 continents. On August 31st we will announce on our website www.oefoundacion.org and our social networks the official Schedule and the films that will be part of the KUNTUR SELECTION of the 9th SuRrealidades International Blue Film Festival. Which will be held in October 2020.

This year we will hold a completely virtual festival adapting to the realities produced by the pandemic. In 2022 we will return again to the cinemas.

CALL FOR ENTRIES SURrealidades 2020

The Fundación Orientación Ecológica (OE), the management foundation of the International SURrealidades CINE AZUL festival, is calling for entries for its 9th edition inviting filmmakers, producers and directors to submit those audiovisual-fruits focused on respect for life and Mother Earth’s preservation.

We have extended the registration until Friday, July 31

The 9th edition of the Festival will be held from August 13 to October 09, 2020, in Bakatá-Kolombia. 

Fiction feature film
Documentary feature film
Animated feature
Fiction short film
Documentary short film


  • Due to the global Pandemic, specify bellow whether or not your work can be exhibited by virtual means.
    YES /NO
  • The video/FILM maker participant accepts the terms and conditions of the call.
  • To compete with an audiovisual-fruit that has not been previously screened at the SURrealidades Festival.
  • Download the entry form, sign, completely fill out and submit the form with the film to: “Av Carrera 3#17-37 of 1002 Ed Monserrate Bogota ” Before 2º june 2020 Mandatory requirement for sending the films by mail.
  • Send audiovisual productions before june 20 – 2020.
  • Films from 2018 onwards.


  1. By Mail: Send 2 Blue Ray or DVD NTSC system copies and a CD with extra material “Photos, Trailer, Poster, info, etc.” In an envelope labeled as follows: “8th Ibero-American Film Festival Blue SURrealidades Cultural Event 2016. Non-profit Cultural Event” to the following address Av Carrera 3#17-37 of 1002 Ed Monserrate Bogota – Colombia.
  2. Digital Platforms: Subscribe audiovisual work through the following platforms: http://film-salad.com/festivals  https://festhome.com/ http://festival.movibeta.com/  https://www.clickforfestivals.com/ 
    *We suggest the following technical specifications for shipping and handling of the film through digital platforms: Format SD Video (High Definition) 1280×720. 


Films in any other language than Spanish must contain subtitles in Spanish (mandatory)


  • The author shall not infringe/violate the/upon copyright of third parties and exempts the organizers of SURrealidades from any liabilities.
  • Those responsible for the submitted material will be fully accountable for intellectual property rights, copyright, screening rights, taxes and general duties.
  • SURrealidades has air time on television through the “SURrealidades Blue Cinema/Cine Azul”. Each production participating in this competition must submit a duly signed broadcasting authorization form.
  • Participants in the 8th SURrealidades Blue Film CINE AZUL Festival will immediately be registered in the “Green Image” video-library, under the coordination of OE Foundation. This foundation presents and screens all types of audiovisual works in alternative settings and in different regions. This is a travelling non-profit festival and the authors always receive advanced notice.

Note:  Should anything not included in this document arise, the discretion of the organizing committee will be applied.


  • The management and selection of SURrealidades department will be responsible for choosing works and for inviting the participants of the Call that will be part of the official selection of the festival. 
  • SURrealidades nomination jury of this edition is composed by an audiovisual expert, an ecologist and a representative of communities. 
  • The results will be communicated by July 20, 2020. 
  • The jury’s decision will not be open to appeal.

SURrealidades AWARDS

The nomination jury will award the highest distinction in the categories of: Best feature film (Kuntur Inti)
Best Documentary Feature (kuntur-oko), (feature, short or TV film for Kids) Kuntur GuaGua.
Special mentions for best short fiction film, best documentary and best animation film.